10 artists you have to know before they’re dead

We’ve invented fire. The wheel. High-class technology. The internet. Hell, we’re one step away from journeying into space. It’s about time we start appreciating art  while the artists are still… alive. Here’s a list of  ten up-coming artists you probably haven’t heard of. Take a good look. They might not be with us for long…


1. Afarin Sajedi – An exotic name, to say the least, accompanied by an eccentric style. Influences: Heinrich Boll and Gustav Klimt. The skin is no loner opaque. The imperfections are palpable. Pain transcends suffering, it becomes beauty. Unapologetic. Shameless. Raw. Beauty beyond grotesque.

1086594842.Click Img 19442 1089620274.Peace 1203048756.mind 1716762025._DSC5694 2031053763.cold spring

2. Beth Hoeckel – Key skills: painting, photography and printmaking. Full time artist. Her collages evoke a certain stage of Nirvana. In the palms of the universe the human being is nothing but a fragment; mere dust collecting dreams larger than life. She was featured in Esquire magazine with an illustration for the Black Book (2013)

5410695097_2d9aeefeb8_z 5599513076_cbbb013fb1_z 5862302944_603e1180a3_z 5948882195_b232151a8e_z creation

3. Eugenia Loli – Filmmaker and a modern vintage collage artist. Before art took over her life, Eugenia worked in the technology sector. She uses digital manipulation to send across socio-political messages. Powerful images. “I like to make them think a tiny bit about what the work is about, realize one thing for one moment, and then suddenly get hit with another meaning,” Loli says.

11520_464361730346443_2044021674_n Cosmetic Massacre Dinosaurized Enlightenment is to Gaze with Undimmed Eyes on All Darkness Ωmega-3

4. Felicia Simion – As cliche-ish as it sounds, a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, words are more than welcome: “Someone once told me: I press the shutter when God wants it pressed. From then on, I felt like photography was something bigger than an ephemeral crotchet, beyond the crust of my soul, brighter than light itself.”

12601_497474153608370_1723831903_n 482020_445730832116036_1407585013_n 557107_631940940161690_509808168_n 563174_525445627477889_245484897_n 1379816_631940920161692_408574516_n

5. Lara Zankoul – Her style pushes the limits of contemporary fairytales, exploring the unseen. Making the invisible, visible. Although a graduate of the American University of Beirut, with a Masters in Economics, she found her true love in the art of drawing with light.

1238835_623792497684341_245316715_n 1395966_649435431786714_628704638_n 1458663_667605316636392_530762748_n 1779711_706675992729324_640727204_n 1926797_709162635813993_1687274959_n

6. Lee Jinju “Life wanders, but memories remain.” Exposing visual contemplations on the questions often repeated in life. A curative form of art.


7. Menoevil - Real name: Sureeyapon Sri-Ampai. Reminds me of the famous André Kertész and his photograph Melancholic Tulip.

996823_422795207824664_325267824_n 1383756_436637749773743_1225064938_n empty_frame_2_by_menoevil untitled_by_menoevil-d6ar0nv untitled_by_menoevil-d6t09so

8. Nicholas Scarpinato – 20 years old, photographer, filmmaker, and sculptor…wait what? 20 years old? Unbelievable. A whimsical approach combining photography and painting.

69165_355025337916295_1293133808_n 163342_303850366367126_1763139307_n 375769_333977626687733_694743243_n 480902_457510197667808_1511370369_n 562632_303849526367210_1430575295_n

9. Nicolas Bruno – Art as therapy. His photographs are an exploration of his sleep-paralysis phenomenon. “I have experienced bone chilling hallucinations and extreme terror during these dreams”.  “A bittersweet homage” to his dream-world encounters.

6190934578_1cc076784d 7408411890_a9e55a80a9 8649548605_11d2aa0388 elliotsmal z

10. Sandra Chevrier – Full time single mom. Full time artist. Her art exposes the limitations within our world, confined by the boundaries of deception. A leap between reality and imagination. Truth and deception. Bold, yet subtle.

1546388_10152181762514111_884316791_n La Cage au chemisier rouge, 30X24, acrylique, 2013. La Cage avant le combat, 17X14, 2013 La Cage borde de fleurs dun rouge troublant, 17X14, 2013 La Cage et lunion des forces, 72X48

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